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Puppy Preschool


Puppy Preschool

Nearly 5 hours of video content
petsCrate Training
petsGreeting Skills
petsAnd Much More...

Here's what you'll get in Robin’s Puppy Preschool Course

  • Nearly 5 hours of video content
  • Detailed written information to expand on what is seen in each video
  • Downloadable PDFs for housebreaking, training tips and homework tracking
  • Email access to Robin if you have questions
  • Newsletter access

Puppy Preschool is the First Step in Training for Your Puppy's New Life!

Start today and learn

  • How to stop puppy play-biting.
  • Get your puppy housebroken.
  • Teach your pup to be calm and quiet in a crate.
  • Build confidence to avoid irrational fears later in life.
  • Teach your pup to tolerate and enjoy grooming.
  • How to avoid resource guarding behaviors from developing.
  • How to develop proper play and greeting skills with other dogs.
  • How to get your pup to willingly let go of items.
  • Teach your pup to relax and lay calmly at your feet.
  • Choosing the right type of toys for your pup.
  • What to expect as your pup matures.
  • Health and first aid advice.
  • Plus much more!!